IT’S OUR 21st Year!!!

Vancouver Pagan Pride (VPP) has been working hard since 1998 to grow a sense of community. We are a focal point for the various factions of our community where we can communicate, celebrate with, and learn from one another. We are also an educational point of reference for the non-pagan community.


Check out our events list:

OPENING CEREMONY (participation encouraged)


Spirituality in Islam – By Fraserview Muslim Community Services
How to Live as an Empath – By Awakening the Healer Within Basic Norse – By Dawn
The Traditional Magic Grimoires – By Athena
Want to Take a Journey? – By Dawn
5 Steps to Improve your Magic – By Dave
Guided Meditation “The Keys Within” – By Awakening the Healer Within Mysteries of Mithras – By Ram


KID’S ZONENOTE Parents MUST accompany kids to participate in workshops
Magic Wand Making Station – Decorate raw wands at the craft station, then bless wands with magic!
Pagan Story Time – Pagan themed kid’s stories told periodically throughout the day at the wand station Fairy Treasure Hunt- Self guided throughout the park


Sounds of East, the rhythms of Middle Eastern dance 11am – 1pm
This is an interactive tent where people of all skill levels can explore the different drums and dance styles used in Middle Eastern music. Learn some of the most common rhythms used and join a drum circle as we drum for our talented belly dancers. Feel free to put on a bangle skirt and learn some dance moves too!
Coven Collective “Wild Witches Taking Flight” 1pm – 1:30pm You won’t want to miss this playful, prayerful belly dance performance located at the heart of the event!


Smudging and Herbal Smudge Sticks – with Jill of Witches Box Canada Urban Wildcraft for the Everyday Practitioner – with Ryan of Heathen Moon


CLOSING CEREMONY (participation encouraged)

Opening Ceremony 10am to 10:30am
Everyone is encouraged to join the circle at the heart of the event for a short opening ceremony. Chant with us as we set the energetic intention of the event and welcome in all the spirits of prosperity, enlightenment and fun!

Workshop Zone (Free for anyone to attend! Look for the tent with the Workshops! sign)

Spirituality in Islam 10:30am to 11:30am
Spirituality, based on contemplation, helps individuals to re-engineer their minds and build positive personalities. In effect, we can say that contemplative spirituality – by awakening of the mind – provides the best formula for character building and makes one a peaceful and positive person. When such positive thinking reaches a collective level in society, it results in what is known as peace. In this workshop, you will learn about the Islamic religion, the teachings of the Quran, and how the intellectual journey can bring peace to you.
About the Presenter: Imaam Muhammad Chamba is an Islamic Educator with extensive experience teaching Islamic studies past 15 years. He started his career from Cleveland Ohio and later moved to Canada, he has been instrumental in Arabic and Quranic Studies with Fraserview Muslim Community Center. Mr. Chamba, speaks three languages and is a very active member of Dawah which takes place every Saturday here in Vancouver BC. He would be happy to answer any of your questions to demystify misconceptions related to ISLAM and its teachings.

How to Live as an Empath 11:30am to 12pm
Do you suddenly feel emotions that don’t fit your situation and it overwhelms you? This suggests that you may be empathic, which means you pick up other people’s energies and feel them as your own. It does not have to remain a struggle. This workshop will give you tools to utilize in your daily life and help you feel more balanced and in control. Tracy will teach you understand and handle these rather confusing emotions with a variety of tools that can be use in daily life.
About the Presenter: Tracy Rae Davies, of the business Awakening the Healer Within, is a teacher, alchemist, intuitive, healer, family constellation facilitator and certified counsellor. Many of her tools are taught to her internally. Her highest rule of thumb is to honor what wants to happen.

Basic Norse Workshop 12pm to 1pm
Forget about what you see in the movies or on TV. Come learn about the basics of Norse religion. This workshop is designed to give you a sense of what it’s all about and where to look if you are wanting to learn more.
About the Presenter: Dawn has been a practicing pagan for over 10 years and has set her sights on Norse Vanatru in the last 3. She’s a painter, cook, brewer and crafts person with a passion for healing. She is currently in her last year of Therapeutic Recreation at Douglas.

The Traditional Magic Grimoires 1pm to 2pm
In this workshop Athena will discuss the various older magical grimoires and the viability of such. Are they actual teachings, or more something someone pulled out of their…? Grimoires are books of magic, and we will discuss the most well-known ones; Red Dragon, Verum, Goetia and the like.
About the Presenter: Athena first started working with the grimoires 25 years ago and continues the practice to this day.

Workshop Zone (Free for anyone to attend! Look for the tent with the Workshops! sign))

Guided Meditation- Want to Take a Journey? 2pm to 3pm
This is a beginner’s shamanic journey to connect with your personal spirit guides. Dawn will give you an outline that you can you on your own journeys, and will show you what you can do once you have a guide. You may want to bring a journal or something to write in to record your journey.

By Dawn of The Basic Norse Workshop
5 Steps to Improve your Magic – By Dave 3pm to 3:30pm
In this mini workshop, Dave will teach you five different magic and spiritual techniques taken from a variety of spiritual traditions to bring you better results in your magic!
About the Presenter: Dave is a long-time pagan teacher with over 30 years of experience on the pagan path. Dave is also trained Shaman and Adept level member of the Temple of Ishtar

Guided Mediation – The Keys Within 3:30pm to 4pm
This meditation will help you drop in to a scared space. A place where body and mind meet, where our own innate ability to see, shift, and change our inner reactions and feelings lays dormant.
By Tracy Rae Davies of Awakening the Healer Within

The Mysteries of Mithras 4pm to 4:30pm
This presentation on Mithraism will be largely based on the book The Mysteries of Mithras: The Pagan Belief that Shaped the Christian World, by Payam Nabarz. Two official Mithraic traditions will be identified, the more ancient one in the East was practiced by the Persians and Armenians, and the transition to the god Mithras, lord of green pastures, and the Mysteries of Mithras as practiced in ancient Rome particularly by the Roman army. It is a uniquely classless religion, and much folklore develops around Mithras. Similarities and differences between Eastern and Western Mithraism are discussed. The theory of the influence of Mithraism on Christianity is discussed. Finally, modern Mithraism as practiced around the world today will be discussed including initiation and inclusion of all people and genders into modern Mitrhaism.
About the Presenter: Ram is a lawyer from Vancouver of Iranian descent with a background in Philosophy. Disillusioned by monotheism, Ram self-studied various pagan religions and became a follower of the neo-pagan and naturist views of DH Lawrence. He then began exploring the pagan history of Iran as he felt the need for a spiritual connection to his homeland and was influenced by the book by Payam Nabarz, The Mysteries of Mithras: The Pagan Belief that Shaped the Christian World. Ram identified with the God Mithras, who was an ancient Iranian god and the god of choice of the Roman army prior to the advent of Christianity. Ram will summarize Nabarz’ book and explain his own journey to identifying with Mithras.

This year we had an overwhelming number of talented Pagans from all walks of spirituality willing to share their knowledge, time and skills with their community, and in order to accommodate them all we had to make a separate, no frills workshop zone! Wow! What amazing people we share this earth with!
Ask the welcome tent where they’ll be set up! FREE for anyone to attend.

Smudging and Herbal Smudge Sticks – with Witches Box Canada 2:30pm to 3:30pm
This workshop is for those wanting to learn about Smudging and how to create their own herbal Smudge sticks at home! Make 2 different types of smudge sticks to take home with you, then learn how to use them to cleanse yourself, your space or your objects of any negative, unwanted energy.
About the Presenter: Jill is a self-discovered Witch, her spiritual path began over 20 years ago when she began working on Reserve with the Sto:lo people. Smudging was introduced to her by an elder in the community and she fell in love with this spiritual cleansing. In her home she uses these Smudging sticks to clear out unwanted energies and create a more positive space. Using local herbs and plants to create magical blends is her favorite way to bring clarity and magic to her family!

Urban Wildcraft for the Everyday Practitioner – with Heathen Moon 4pm to 4:30pm
Ritual wildcraft. Typical wildcrafting is the gathering of edible produce found in the wild; from flowers and mushrooms, to berries and more. This workshop is a focused intake of magical purposes for objects found and gathered from our local areas. From rural wild lands to urban concrete jungles!
About the Presenter: Ryan is the magic maker and co-creator for a shoppe called Heathen Moon. He forages and gathers many fallen and shed items from the Earth, and uses them to hand craft magical tools, art and ingredients. It is through this long-cultivated gathering that he has developed a passion for sharing all he can of the flora and fauna in many parts of the land we inhabit.

Closing Ceremony 4:30pm to 5pm
Before you go home, join the circle at the heart of the event once more for our short closing ceremony. Chant with us, reflect on the amazing day, wipe off any unwanted energies and thank the spirits of the park for hosting us!

All events are FREE for anyone to attend!




Our goal is to debunk myths and normalize our faith.

Check out our “About” page for more information.

Join us August 10, 2018 from 10am-5pm at Trout Lake!

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