IT’S OUR 21st Year!!!

Vancouver Pagan Pride (VPP) has been working hard since 1998 to grow a sense of community. We are a focal point for the various factions of our community where we can communicate, celebrate with, and learn from one another. We are also an educational point of reference for the non-pagan community.


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To Be Announced


Open to public 10:00 am – 5pm    Workshops from 11am – 4pm     

All events are FREE for anyone to attend!

All Day Events (All Ages)


Workshops and Ceremonies (All Ages) 

Opening Ritual (15minutes)                                                                                                                  10:00am to 10:15am


**Last Call for Vendor Sales                                                                                                                         4pm to 4:45pm

Closing Ritual (15 minutes)                                                                                                                          4:45pm to 5pm

Workshops (For Youth and the Young at Heart) 

NOTE Parents MUST accompany kids to participate in workshops


Entertainment – Performances By



These two following “events” are actually FREE services 



Everyone at Pagan Pride Day is welcomed and encouraged to join in on the tradition of pagan ceremonies, free to attend and hosted throughout the day. We ask that everyone shows respect and remains silent for the duration of all ceremonies, regardless of participation. Each ceremony is unique in it’s intention. Participation merely requires your attention; any chanting lead by the ceremony’s host is optional and will be simple.

Opening Ceremony (10am to 10:15am) Hosted by Dave

Opening Ceremony is intended to set the “tone” for the day. Pagan Pride hosts, vendors and healers will join together with you the public, and as a collective we will align ourselves, thoughts, feelings, energy and actions, to the policies, purpose and intent of this great event.

“By Apple, Oats, Squash and Corn” Harvest Ceremony (1pm to 2pm) Hosted by Dave

As Summer comes to it’s close and the sustenance of mother nature’s harvest season draws closer, holding a ritual to acknowledge the bounty of food soon to be harvested in the fall is a tradition in Pagan Pride Day events across the continent. Join the circle and participate in gratitude for Mother Gaia’s abundance.

Ancestral Forgiveness Ceremony (2pm to 3pm) Hosted by the Blue Tent Group

This healing rite is one of surrender to the Ancestral Song, regardless of personal need. By this we use the Mora oa Croen to bring us into wholesome harmony, so that we can now use that blueprint to engage sympathetically with others.

From the time when the Great Grandmother sang to the One Above, and that song was answered by song, the concept of Song and Soul have been as one. In Animism the term Anima means both song and breath within; to be animated is to be alive with that breath and that song, which comes from both within and without. In totemic animism it is not that everything is imbued or contains the song, it is that everything is the song. To deepen this unified concept, the song is also a sacrament of relationship in that everything is the same holy (whole) song that is sung and at the same time everything sings that song. In this we are co-creators as well as the created.

The Great Song; Mora oa Croen is both the weaving threads and the eternal tapestry of the cosmos. In this every soul (anima) is a holographic representation of everything else. Within everything is the data, wisdom, knowledge, life, whatever word we want to us, of the entire consciousness of creation, though focused for the most on a particular destiny (weave). As practitioners, we work on maintaining wholeness, that oneness of the wild song, within ourselves or maybe as ourselves. The more we can be in that holy state, the more we can use our awareness of the holographic song to be aware or diagnose the loss of resonance, or song structure in others. The magic of this is that we may also work in reverse in that we can bring the non-resonance back into sympathy with the oneness of The Song using our wholeness as the model. The danger is that we can make assumptions that we are ‘OK’ and others are not!

Closing Ceremony (4:45pm to 5pm) Hosted by Dave

Closing Ceremony is intended to be our final farewells, thankyous, and acknowledgements, to the amazing volunteers that shed their skin and throw their bones into this event, and to the participation of the public and the motivation that they give to all of us.



All workshops are free for anyone to attend and take place from 11am to 4pm.



All workshops, including workshops for youth (and the young at heart) are free for anyone to attend.

*NOTE: Parents must accompany kids to participate in workshops.







Our goal is to debunk myths and normalize our faith.

Check out our “About” page for more information.

Join us August 11, 2018 from 10am-5pm at Trout Lake for Feast & Fun!

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