How is VPPD Paid for and How can I Help?

VPPD is run by volunteers so we don’t get paid for our time, but there are many expenses to hosting an event of this magnitude. Site fees, Insurance, supplies… It all adds up fast. But the event is presented to the community for free. So how does it pay for itself?

At the moment, the VPPD does not have any cash assets that get passed on from year to year, this means that whoever is hosting the event is responsible for all upfront costs and any costs that are not covered by that years fundraising. It is my hope that over my time organizing the VPPD that I may change this so that there is a small pot of funds to pass from organizer to organizer. I would hate for willing people not to be able to host the event because they don’t have the funds to cover it.

So where do these funds come from? The main source of funds is from the fee that the vendors pay in order to attend the event. So if there are any vendors you would like to see at the event, please make sure they know. Also, it is important to buy things from the vendors to make sure it is worth their time and money to be there.

The other source is through fundraising. Last year there were VPPD bracelets for sale. If you didn’t get one, don’t worry we still have some left and you can get one this year. Previous years have had a 50/50 draw as well.

This year we are having a raffle and the prizes are going to be great. Our vendors are graciously donating prizes and VPPD will be selling tickets all day. We will do draws throughout the day so you still have a chance of winning even if you aren’t there until closing ritual. As vendors are confirmed, we will start promoting them so stay tuned to see all the goodies you will want to spend money on.

The second thing we are doing is having a bag hold station. Trout Lake has an amazing Farmers Market on the opposite side of the park than where VPPD is being held. I know that I intent to head over there to get some goodies before the day is done. But who wants to then have to carry their veggies around all afternoon. For a small fee you can “check” your bags at the VPPD info booth. We do not recommend checking meats or dairy as there will be no refrigeration and we can not ensure that your items will not get warmed by the sun. All items are left at your own risk but there will be volunteers at the booth at all times.

Of course, cash donations are always welcome anytime.

Do you want to help fund raise for VPPD? We are always open to suggestions and volunteers!

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