The totally Amazing Vendor Lineup for Vancouver Pagan Pride 2014

I am super excited to release the of the vendor list for VPPD 2014. Please take note that many of the vendors will be cash only so make sure to bring lots!

Alicia’s World of Gifts

Nature inspired and vintage style jewelry, scarves, clothing and bags.


Ashleigh Enemark

Massage chair


Bcchains Chain mail and more

We make chain mail products of all types. We also import many types of bumper stickers, slate journals, Celtic tapestries, SCA wares and other odds and ends. For more info see the Facebook Page


Canadian Paranormal Society

We are an investigative group that uses research, science, technology, and experience to help you understand the yet to be explained. T.C.P.S members have experience in a variety of fields. This along with our technical equipment, past paranormal investigations, and not so common sense is a key to our success. For more info see the website or Facebook Page.


Celtic Daughters

Celtic Daughters is an artisan sisterhood and Janice and the other ladies produce all manner of things Celtic in inspiration. At Celtic Daughter you can find everything from silver and pewter Celtic jewelry to historic and fantasy Celtic inspired costume and T-cozies. Tracey Earnst makes one of a kind jewelry from crystals, glass beads and historic objects found when she goes mud larking on the banks of the river Thames in London England. Melissa Duncan lends her hand at costume.


Creations by Colleen Mae

There Are Many, Whose Lives have been profoundly affected by Crystals and there healing abilities, Crystals change lives, they help awaken Self-Love, Inner Strength, and help Many Channel their personal Power. This power allows All to Love, Forgive, and Heal and inspire others on their own Personal Journeys. My Mission is to share their knowledge so they may help others overcome obstacles in their lives,
healing the Mind, Body& Spirit are possible. Overcoming past hurts and manifesting goals with assistance of crystals and your own inner will to heal. Blessed Be Everyone For more info see the website or Facebook Page.


Csinyos Creations

Costumes, Corsets, Jewelry and accessories.  We specialize in Custom Costumes.  For more info see the website.


Eagledancer Arts

Amity Loyce (Eagledancer) is a mixed media and tattoo artist. Her works includes jewelry, woodworking, stone carving, painting and various other items. *All pieces are made using reclaimed materials and custom pieces are welcome* She identifies herself as an Eclectic Pagan, deriving her spiritual practice from various paths, with a large focus on nature magick, herbalism, divination and the use of symbols. All of which are evident in her artistic endeavors. She has also begun to explore ritual/shamanic tattooing and symbolic tattoo design, involving tattooing within sacred space. As well as the creation of “symbolic” tattoo art. Anyone interested in tattooing in a ritual setting, or sacred space, please feel free to contact her Etsy Page.

Magickal supplies including ritual jewelry, talismans, t-shirts, uncrossing baths, handmade incense, and skrying mirrors. For more info see the website.


Faye -The Art of Melissa Mary Duncan

Her work is inspired by Celtic and Norse mythology, and traditional Wonder Tales. She is Guest of Honour Artist for this year’s Canadian National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. And she has been nominated for the 2014 Aurora Award Best Artist for her illustrations and Cover design. She sells original paintings, prints, cards and books of her art. For more info see the website.


The Healing Guide

The Healing Guide Feather Spirit Wands.  These are beautiful, intuitively handcrafted elemental healing tool. Incorporating earth, air and grounding elements to assist you in increasing the vibration of your healing work, to achieve results faster and easier than ever before. For more info see the website.


HeartFlow Reiki / Yo’Mama’s Jams

Traditional Usui Reiki healing sessions and homemade fruit jams. For more info see the Facebook Page.


Judson Handicraft

Selling all kinds of hand crafted items from India and Nepal.


KD Creations

We sell a variety of rocks and gemstone pieces that have been shaped into spheres, eggs, pyramids, wands, palmstones, obelisks, pendulums and window crystals as well as bracelets and necklaces. We have electric Himalayan salt lamps as well as t-light holders. We also carry hydrostone pieces in dragons, fairies, skulls and Buddhas. For more info see the Facebook Page.


Knotty Hearts Designs

Sale of wire weaving ceremonial daggers black Salt and jewelry etc.


Lesley Phillips Ph.D.

Author and Spiritual Teacher.For more than 15 years, I have helped thousands of people receive answers to questions about their soul path, life experiences, life purpose and spiritual abilities. I have helped them release their pain and fear, find their passion and move into their true nature.

I am a guide to conscious transformation and empowerment. I help you make a conscious connection between your physical presence and spiritual essence, so that you are led by your source. For more info see the website or Facebook Page.


Linnea’s Crystals

My name is Linnea, I am a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, deeply connected and attuned to crystals. I provide Crystal Healing sessions out of my home, but at Pagan Pride, I will be selling my beautifully stunning healing crystals, wire wrapped crystal pendants and jewelry, and gorgeous, unique dream catchers. For more info see the Facebook Page.


Makosla Creations

Sculptures and jewelry For more info see the Etsy Page.


Mari & Billi Designs

A clothing designer, items created by the owner and her team in India pirate/pixie styles clothing. For more info see the website.


The Midnight Witches

Selling candles, altar items, books, Wiccan boxes, cauldrons, athames, etc. For more info see the website.


Misty Isles Botanicals

Essential oil blends, misters, roll-ons, herbs and resins crafted by a Certified Aromatherapist/Hedgewitch and an Herbalist.


Morgan’s Pillows

Pillows and drinking horns. For more info see the Facebook Page.


Mystic Glass Designs

I make unique stained glass pieces as well as decorative tankards, goblets, horns, jewelry and more in a Gothic/ Medieval / Alternative style and also do custom orders as well. For more info see the website.


Natural Energy Wellness Centre

  1. EnGens (Energy Generators) are our primary sales item – they are very unique.  They range in size from 8” length to 17” length; all have crystal balls at the bottom and are filled with semi-precious gemstones and crystals and are intended to hang in your home in your windows and/or your car’s rear view mirror.  Ps They are awesome!
  2. Semi-precious stone bracelets
  3. Semi precious stone earrings
  4. Incense – mostly cones; some sticks
  5. Loose semi-precious stones and crystals – various sizes and types
  6. Fine arts – all original art work
  7. Clear boxes of shells and rocks
  8. Free shell for all little kids (until we run out)
  9. Totem stones
  10. Miscellaneous necklaces and earrings and pendants
  11. Gift items – wish pots; candles
  12. Harmony Hearts
  13. Intuitive Readings


One Leaf

North Vancouver based small business specializing in limited edition bags and belts, made from leather and brass. For more info see this website or this one.


Radical Spirits

Radical Spirits is a Vancouver-based artist collective dedicated to the creation of spaces for feminist dialogue through a supernatural lens. Co-founders Adriana Lademann and Leah Tottenham create spaces for local artists to display and celebrate works that address the relationship between the supernatural, the spiritual, and various radical feminist ideologies. The themes of our show vary, but consistently embody the liminal space where magical or supernatural elements collide with radical feminist issues and discourses. For more info see the website or Facebook Page.


Smart Tart Designs

So a little bit about my company, I am a one witchy woman business. I create beautiful jewelry and accessories, hats, feathery fascinators and beautiful leather goods from vintage and upcycled materials. Everything I make from my own two hands is original and I never make the same thing twice. For more info see the website.



Clothing and gifts for the pagan community.


Under the Hawthorn

Ceann-Iuil ~ Pathfinder Shaman ~ Merina Mohr, is a mixed Media Artist, Photographer, and Ordinand Elder of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; Wolven Path Lineage Tradition. As an artist she has exhibited works both Canada, US and internationally. Merina has facilitated workshops for both children and adults, from diverse backgrounds, including addictions recovery, disabilities and new Canadians. Merina has found through the journey of ‘inspiration, intuition, and imagination,’ we can all connect. Every moment is sacred, as are the items in our daily practice. I am held by my guides to create tools, paintings, and experiences for individuals, groups or those from the forest. For more info see the Facebook Page.


Vikings, Dragons, & Fairies

A magical gift store (incense, crystals, stones, pagan supplies, drinking horns, jewelry, tees & more) For more info see the website.

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