Thinking Green at Vancovuer Pagan Pride 2014

As Pagans, the earth is sacred to us. As such, I am asking everyone to help me make VPPD 2014 as green as possible. At the VPPD information booth you will find recycling, returnables, and a garbage bin. Let’s fill up those blue bins and have the garbage as empty as possible!

Bring water bottles to refill rather than buying water all day (although if you forget, we do have water for sale).

Bring cloth bags for all your goodies that you intend to buy from the vendors. Forgot your cloth bag? Don’t worry, a number of the vendors will be selling them.

Please don’t take fliers or pamphlets that you never intend to read.

Trout Lake is very transit accessible so take transit if you can, or car pool with a friend.

I am very interested in your feedback from this event and will be conducting a survey after the event. I will be posting the link online but will also have handouts at the VPPD table with the website on it. Please only take one if you need to.

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