Date for VPPD 2015 set!

I am excited to announce that VPPD 2015 will be held on Saturday, August 29, 2015 10am-6pm atJohn Hendry park (also known as Trout Lake). Same as last year, we will be located on the south side of the park near the concession stand/bathrooms.

Two of the top feedbacks that I got from last year was that the event needs more promotion and more happening on site (rituals, workshops, entertainment) so I am calling for some volunteers to give me a hand.

I need a volunteer in charge of promotion: this will involve spreading the word about VPPD through the internet, postering, and getting in the media. If you are not “out” and don’t want to be named or pictured in the media, that is fine- you just set things up and I will gladly do interviews/media. You will also be in charge of finding new ways to spread the word to reach as many people as possible.

I will also require a volunteer to organize the rituals,workshops, and entertainers. You will be responsible to poking the community to get as many people from as many varied paths as possible to contribute on the day of and creating a schedule of events. You will also be responsible on the day of for making sure that presenters stick to the schedule and that participants know what is happening throughout the day. This year we will arrange for a microphone for announcements as the town crier was not effective enough last year.

If you able to help out in either of these capacities, contact me at [email protected]

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