Vendor Feature- Dr Lesley Phillips



Dr. Lesley is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, intuitive and a trance medium.  She uses her gifts to provide spiritual readings, healings and teachings.

She is passionate about training people to use their own intuitive gifts through her intuition development courses, mentoring sessions and teacher training program.

She is host to Unlocking Your Truth on , Psychic Advisor on The Earth Needs Rebels Show and is a regular guest on radio and TV. She is author of The Midas Tree and creator of the Portico Card Deck.


A consultation with Dr. Lesley can provide you with clarity if you are having issues in your relationship, career, finances, or health. If you feel indecisive, blocked, have low energy or are unable to manifest what you want. If you have unexplained psychic experiences, an unclear life purpose, can’t access your inner guidance or are interested in psychic development then a session will help you get clear.

Today Dr. Lesley offers you the choice between:-

Past Life Reading – Find out who you were in some of your past lives. Access the wisdom and abilities you developed then to use now. Learn whether past challenges are still impacting you and why.

Aura Reading – Your aura is the book of you and contains your life experiences, memories and beliefs. An aura reading can help you better understand yourself and current life experiences.

Q&A Session – This session is for those who are not drawn to having their aura or past lives read, yet who have some specific issues or questions that they wish to focus on.



Dr. Lesley used to be a microbiologist who searched tropical regions of the planet for natural product medicines. Then she was a business negotiator in the life science industry. She now focuses on using her spiritual gifts to help others. She has extensive training in metaphysics and is a certified spiritual counsellor. She graduated from the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center’s two year Clairvoyant Training Program in 2003 and as a spiritual teacher in 2005. She also trained in the UK in meditation, healing and clairvoyance at the School of Insight and Intuition; and in dream work and shamanism at Rainbow Bridge.


T – 604 259 8473

F – 760 914 5495

Twitter: @DrLesleyP

Skype: DrLesleyPhillips


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