Confusion over the use of the word Pride

But I’m not gay?!?

This is a reason I have heard many times as to why people do not attend Vancouver Pagan Pride and I understand the confusion. Vancouver hosts its LGTBQ Pride in August and so does New Westminster. What used to be a one day event has become a whole season of rainbows. To make things all the more confusing, LGTBQ Pride is simply known as Pride now. So it is not unreasonable to assume that VPPD is an event for LGTBQ pagans.

But Vancouver Pagan Pride is about the visibility of ALL pagans. It was birthed out of the same needs as the LGTBQ movement. Pagans still face discrimination in many areas of their lives. I have been fortunate enough that my family was accepting, I have never lost a job or a home because of my status as a Pagan- but I personally know multiple people who have had difficulty in custody battles because of their faith and practices.

Vancouver Pagan Pride is of course open to our LGTBQ sisters and brothers and I hope that our event is welcoming to all.

We are still a small community but we are a growing one. Pagan Pride days give the greater public the chance to interact with us and see that we are not scary predators. It gives people interested in the path a place to meet people and possibly even mentors and teachers. It is an opportunity for people from various Pagan paths to get to know each other and share ideas.

If you want more information about the Pagan Pride Project see the website

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