Info Tables and Organizations

Vancouver Pagan Pride hopes to be a place to open communication between the community, the public, and organized groups. The following groups will have representatives on site this year.

Vancouver Pagan Pride: We are here to answer your basic questions as well as a focal point for the community. Please come by and check out our community table which is new this year. And don’t forget to get your token and be counted!

Vancouver Reclaiming: excerpt from the Reclaiming Principles of Unity “My law is love unto all beings…”– from The Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente.

“The values of the Reclaiming tradition stem from our understanding that the earth is alive and all of life is sacred and interconnected. We see the Goddess as immanent in the earth’s cycles of birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration. Our practice arises from a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing and to the linking of magic with political action….We are an evolving, dynamic tradition and proudly call ourselves Witches. Our diverse practices and experiences of the divine weave a tapestry of many different threads. We include those who honor Mysterious Ones, Goddesses, and Gods of myriad expressions, genders, and states of being, remembering that mystery goes beyond form. Our community rituals are participatory and ecstatic, celebrating the cycles of the seasons and our lives, and raising energy for personal, collective and earth healing.”

Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Society: Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; Wolven Path Animist Tradition, will be offering for Hunter’s Moon, The Moon Ceremony ; Milk & Blood. A ceremony of blessing from the Hearthkeepers and the Hunters of the Sagh’ic. A gathering ritual of sacrifice & surrender to honour Gealach, the maiden Moon in the blood stained robes of sunset.

In the Sagh’ic Tradition is the saga of the Great Hunt of the Sun. It tells of a world of chaos and disorder, and it tells of the love of the Moon and Sun. It is a tale of Sacrifice and Surrender, a great shedding of Blood, out of which comes order, purpose, direction and hope.

On offer will also be a ‘healing tent’ where anyone can benefit from Sagh’ic Healing through the Intervention of the Ancestral Spirits. This healing is a gift offered and no charge will be made.

The Order Of Scathach: The Order of Scathach is a pagan warrior tradition that empowers our members to be leaders who actively create safety and make positive contributions in the communities in which we live and serve.

Gathering for Life on Earth: The Gathering for Life is a Pagan spiritual retreat, hosted each year by the Greater Vancouver Pagan community. The purpose of this four-day event is to build community, to foster religious discussion, and to celebrate life on the Pagan path. We pride ourselves on welcoming and being inclusive of all paths whether you’re an animist, ceremonialist, druid, heathen, shaman, witch, or other. The Gathering is intended by its organizers to be a meeting place where Pagans can be exposed to new ideas, be spiritually challenged, grow, meet new people, and above all — have fun!


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