Schedule of events for VPPD 2015

Here is the much anticapated Schedule of Events! Click to enlarge:

Schedule of events VPPD 2015



The rituals at Pagan Pride represent a range of Pagan practices and ritual styles from a variety of Traditions (both old and new).


Opening and Closing Circle: hosted by Vancouver Pagan Pride. These circles are meant to create an energetic container for the event and also to promote the unity in community. The ritual itself will be created by folk from varied traditions.


Hellenic Ritual: Hosted by Joy Mainer: Hellenic ritual to Demeter, Goddess of the fruitful Earth


Sung Ritual hosted by Vancouver Goddess Choir: Experience the power of a ritual using song and chant.


Scathach hosted by Geri: Scathach will offer a ritual to mark the harvest season and its opportunities to foster connections with others.


Spiral Dance hosted by Reclaiming. Come Dance the Spiral with the magickal intent of finding our way through our own changes as planetary change becomes a reality. “My law is love unto all beings…” – from The Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente  “The values of the Reclaiming tradition stem from our understanding that the earth is alive and all of life is sacred and interconnected.”


Shamanic Ritual hosted by Sagh’ic. Offering the Ceremony of the Moon and Ocean. Healing the disconnect between the Masculine and Feminine  this beautiful ceremony is undertaken, with great respect and honour of our Oceans. The Ocean Ceremony was gifted by Spirit to Fire Flight, and Apprentice Group within the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream (Wolven Path Tradition).



Workshops/Discussion Circles

Come learn something new, brush up old skills in a workshop or share your own knowledge in a discussion circle.


Introduction to Ritual Writing with Melissa Hope  Join Melissa from The Silver Spiral Collective for an exploration of how to create a Pagan ritual for a group. There are as many ways to write a ritual as there are Pagans, but Melissa will share one way to organize your thoughts, choose an interesting theme, and create a ritual that is meaningful and engaging. Her methods can be used within a tradition or with groups that are more eclectic and can be adapted to fit a variety of Pagan faiths. No experience necessary; everyone is welcome.


Tarot Workshop with Bramble. Learn simple exercises & techniques to help you learn to read tarot without using a book or improve your tarot reading skills. This interactive / hands on 1 hour class will be taught by Bramble who has been reading tarot for almost 40 years.


Healing Circle with Greg Pouge: Feeling the strain? Come and recharge with a half hour group meditation/healing for all. Greg is a Holy Fire Karuna Usui Reiki Master


Music Healing Circle with Aradia Moon: A sacred song circle focused on manifesting healing energy.


Bellydancing with Orrin: Always wanted to try belly dancing but didn’t want to commit to a class? Now’s your chance!

Orrin will lead us through some basic moves and steps and some simple combos. Free dancing will follow!! Bring something (scarf, shawl, sash, etc.) to tie around your hips. No dance experience needed.


Music and Paganism hosted by Sophia Amazon (Director, Vancouver Goddess Choir): Music is a powerful magical tool. One that cuts across many traditions and practices. Come join in on a discussion led by Sophia Amazon about the role, history and future of music in Paganism.


Solitaires Practice Swap. A solitary practitioner? Curious about solitary practice? Come join Solitary Practitioners and other curious folks to exchange ideas, talk about what it means to be solitary and why some of us choose to remain solitary instead of joining a coven or other group.





Celtic Jam with Tam. Come listen to an amazing musician perform Celtic music from the heart and soul. You won’t regret it. Come tap your toes and dance to the magic.


Drum Circle: Participatory performance. Come join the drum circle anytime from 11AM-5PM. Bring a drum or other percussion instrument if you have one. We will have extra. And everyone has a body….so don’t be shy! Drop by and let the rhythm take you away.

Family Activities

Kids Zone: The Kids Zone will have activities to keep the kids busy throughout the day. Just drop by anytime

Family Magic Book Series: Charlotte and Eileen know that dirty dishes are not supposed to follow them around. But when their big sister gets mad at them, their leftovers will not stay put! Crusts and soggy cereal are chasing them to school, getting in their clothes, and hiding in their beds. With every meal the dishes stack higher against them! How can they break this crazy spell? Author Jennifer Lott was in high school when she first came up with the magical family featured in Cursed Dishes. Family Magic is a series of illustrated, transitional chapter books for ages six to nine. She will be introducing her children’s series with props from the stories, an interactive discussion, and readings from the two books on the market. There will be activity sheets and water tattoos as giveaways for the children.
A ritual for the young and young at heart: In past years the children have enjoyed a ritual designed just for them. A chance to participate at in a ritual that engaged them while helping them understated sacred space. This year expanding on that , the children will get help, step by step in creating this ritual while learning not just the how’s of ritual but the also the why’s. Come out and help our communities youngest learn to navigate our many paths through song, stories and ritual.

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