Vendors to Look Forward To on March 19th!

We are so excited to see the many curiosities and treasures each vendor has in store for our fundraiser this Saturday, March 19, 2016!

Here is a list of our registered vendors appearing at our fundraising event:

 Alys’ Wonderland < Website >

Corsets, costumes, gothic & alternative clothing and jewelry.

 Annabelle and Linnea’s Creations < Website >

Selling healing crystals and handmade soy candles, wire-wrapped crystal pendants, jewelry, and dream catchers.

Avalon Botanicals < Website >

Selling herbs, resins, essential oil blends and sprays, as well as some crafted items (such as dream catchers). They will also have a massage chair to do on-site massage and Reiki/energy work!

Desert Winds Woodturnings

Blanket throws with Celtic symbols and crocheted Celtic knot bracelets. The woodturnings are designed with BC recycled woods by Canadian artist Bob Gonzales.

Dr. Lesley Phillips < Website >

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She is passionate about the benefits of meditation and the use of intuition as an internal guidance system for a successful and purpose filled life. Dedicated to her path as a spiritual teacher, she is an expert in helping people identify and develop their intuitive abilities so they can unlock and fulfill their life purpose. A regular on radio and TV, Dr. Lesley hosts “Unlocking Your Truth” on and is an adviser on the Earth Needs Rebels Show. Her book The Midas Tree is a spiritual adventure novel that contains the secret to life. Her Portico Card Deck is used by many to activate their intuitive abilities. SESSIONS WITH DR. LESLEY A consultation with Dr. Lesley can provide you with clarity if you are having issues in your relationship, career, finances, or health. If you feel indecisive, blocked, have low energy or are unable to manifest what you want, she can help you move forward. Or if you have unexplained psychic experiences, an unclear life purpose or can’t access your inner guidance then a session will help you get clear. At Pagan Pride Dr. Lesley offers you the choice between:- Past Life Reading – Find out who you were in some of your past lives. Access the wisdom and abilities you developed then to use now. Learn whether past challenges are still impacting you and why. Aura Reading – Your aura is the book of you and contains your life experiences, memories and beliefs. An aura reading can help you better understand yourself and current life experiences.

KD Creations < Facebook Page >

Crystals and gemstones in many different forms including necklaces and bracelets.

Knot (K)now 

Fiber arts: hemp, cotton, wool, silk, and as they come available, new fibers from ethically harvested natural sources. This year’s focus is on crocheted and macramed pieces…blending the whimsical with the practical.

Knotty Hearts 

Fine jewelry and altar goods.

Kyrah’s Divine Noctivaga < Etsy shop >

Handmade tarot/oracle card bags and book holders in a variety of carefully curated occult and fantasy prints.  Noctivaga is the Latin word meaning “night wanderer” or “to wander by night”.  Here at Divine Noctivaga, I invite you to come walk the night path with me.  Cash and credit card payments will be accepted.

Natural Energy Wellness Centre

We will be selling Crystal Engenz semi precious stones, Pendants, key chains, bookmarks, bracelets, and specialty gift items.

Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium < Facebook Page >

All things occult from stones to books to magickal mediums, meditating tools, clothing, herbs and so much more!!

 Professor Whovianart Creations < Website >

I do crazy stuff, and make amazing jewelry and so much other stuff.

 Sassy Suds Soapery < Facebook Page >

Natural homemade soap & bath products.

Scholomance < Website >

Scholomance organizes and promotes events that support the study and practice esotericism and hermeticism in all it’s forms. They will be selling incense, books, and tickets to their unique events.

Tracy Rae Moore < Website >

Inner Shifting Art Work

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