Our Yellow Wristband Policy

Are you concerned about attending Vancouver Pagan Pride (VPP) events because you are not “out” and you worry about your photo being taken and posted?

We respect this concern and implemented a wrist band policy.

If you do not consent to having your picture taken, wear a wrist band. This way photographers know that if a person has a wrist band on, they can not be in pictures.

Yellow wristbands can be obtained from the VPP Information Zone at Vancouver Pagan Pride Day 2016.

It is best practice to ensure that anyone taking photos at our events obtain permission before posting pictures of others online or in alternative print formats. Our events include Pagans (some are “in the broom closet”), and also non-Pagans (folks interested to learn more about Paganism, and/or Pagan supporters).

Let’s respect one another, and when in doubt – ask before taking a picture.


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