Vendor Feature: Fireside Stories Publishing

FSP-logoFireside Stories Publishing offer fun and exciting chapter books (approximately 250 pages in length), and were written for the grade 2 through 5 age group. Basically a ‘first’ novel to be read by themselves, in school, or with their parents.

These books are interactive as the chapter plate drawings are downloadable to colour from the web site and also come with a related gift. ‘The Legend of the Tooth Fairy” comes with a tooth container (to make it easier for the Tooth Fairy to find at night), and ‘The Witch of Weasel Warren‘ comes with a Halloween music CD with the book title as one of the tracks.

Learn more about Fireside Stories Publishing and its books!


Witch-of-Weasel-Warren-Book-Cover-200x300 Legend-Of-The-Tooth-Fairy-Cover-Art-500-203x300

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