Stillness Zone – VanPPD 2016

Sometimes, public events can be a little overwhelming, particularly at Pagan events for people new to the path or the community. New to VanPPD 2016 is the Stillness Zone – a great place for people to go to ground and decompress, as needed.

The Stillness Zone includes a sheltered tent equip with three walls, providing attendees who may feel overwhelmed or overstimulated a relaxing, peaceful environment. The tent is configured to block the activity from event site, and includes pillows and blankets to sit on. We ask that visitors in the Stillness Zone not wear shoes inside the tent; shoes can be stored on the rack situated at the tent entrance.

Inside the Stillness Zone tent, you’ll find:

      • An emergency bin with water
          • If you are unable to walk to the concession stand to get water, you may take one from the bin.
      • A first aid kit
      • A walkie-talkie radio
          • If you need assistance either with grounding or for medical reasons, use the walkie-talkie radio and a first aid attendant will arrive.

This Stillness Zone does not have a stationed volunteer present, but volunteers will periodically check the zone to make sure everyone is okay. We ask that you please respect the intent of the space and be quiet and courteous when in use.

In addition to the Stillness Zone Tent (provided by VPP), vendors specializing in healing (Reiki, massage, etc.) and divinatory practitioners are also located in the Stillness Zone. 

Check out the one-hour workshop is planned for the Stillness Zone on Saturday, September 10, 2016!

The zone for all healing, massage, and/or readings.

If you have any , or if you have pillows or blankets that you can donate, !

Stillness Zone Programme


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