Vendor Feature: Forest Spirit Creations

We are so excited to welcome Forest Spirit Creations for their first VanPPD!

Forest Spirit Creations is a family-oriented healing practice/business. The whole family takes an active part in making the plant medicines, from going out and wild-crafting/foraging, to creating the medicinal products.

At Forest Spirit Creations vendor booth, you’ll find:

    • Ethically sourced, organic and/or wild-crafted lotions, potions, and other ingredients
    • Sacred space magical items
    • Magical clothing, like: crystal grid clothes, hand-painted clothing
    • Nature-inspired jewelry (necklaces are made with REAL leaves!)
    • Unique jewelry, like: medicine bottles and mini books necklaces, plus crystal and bone jewelry

Check out their Facebook Page and/or Etsy Shop for more product information about Forest Spirit Creations!

Caption of Forest Spirit Creations' Etsy Shop

Caption of Forest Spirit Creations’ Etsy Shop

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