Vendor Feature: Sacred Remains

We are so excited to welcome Sacred Remains (previously, Weirdfish Jewelry) to their first VanPPD!

Sacred Remains captures impermanence –
in that their process involves gathering and preserving nature’s otherwise discarded elements.

Each piece of wearable art combines materials such as:

      • wood,
      • bone,
      • antler,
      • resin,
      • shed reptile skins,
      • insects,
      • dinosaur bones, and
      • combined with various precious metals.

Sacred Remains has a unique and distinct style because piece has an organic and earthy quality – as all pieces are ethically made and animal friendly. Intricate bead work found on some pieces is inspired by African tribal jewelry.

Check out their Website, Instagram and/or Facebook Page for more product information.

Photo caption via Facebook

Photo caption via Facebook


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