Vancouver Pagan Pride

Creating Community Through Sharing Food – Lunchtime at VanPPD 2016


There is a long tradition of creating community through communal eating and Vancouver Pagan Pride is excited to announce that we want to do the same at our event! Within the main ritual zone, we will be setting up a community picnic from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

You can bring your own picnic lunch, purchase food from one of our on-site food trucks, and/or bring something to share. A table for communal food will be set-up if you bring food for sharing, however, all can eat from this table – even if someone hasn’t contributed food towards it.  It is our belief that a community should support its members. If you place something on the communal table, please include an ingredients list.

There is only one rule at this picnic:

In order to connect as a community, we ask that each person talk to someone they haven’t previously spoken to/met. To promote conversation, participants are encouraged to wear name tags (will be provided) that have the name you prefer to go by and a suggested topic of conversation.

So bring your blankets and chairs, something to eat, and enjoy inspiring conversations while meeting someone new!