Fairies Among Us at VanPPD 2016!

Fairy Egg Hunt Banner

Vancouver Pagan Pride Day organizers recently met with the Fey of John Hendry Park at Trout Lake, and are super excited to announce that the Fey have decided to get involved with VanPPD 2016!

Together, we have organized a Fairy Egg Hunt. Everyone is invited to participate regardless of age! You can hunt as individuals or as groups.

Fairy Eggs may include treats like:

      • Stickers
      • Temporary tattoos
      • Vouchers for the concession stand
      • Vouchers for the raffle
      • Shiny things
      • Tiny toys
      • 3 Fairy Eggs will have extra-special prizes!!

The Fairy Egg Hunt, originating from the Activity Zone, will run for one hour. Make sure to check out our full schedule of events for the start time and meeting place.

We are told that some Fey intend to hide the Fairy Eggs throughout the grassy activity zone, and the more feisty Fey insist on leaving some with select vendors (in the vendor zone). Fairy Egg sleuths must visit the various vendor booths and provide a special secret phrase in order for the vendors to hand over a Fairy Egg. But, remember… not all vendors are in alliance with the feisty Fey’s plans!

Special thank you to the Fey of John Hendry Park for this exciting adventure!

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