Vancouver Pagan Pride

Entertainer Spotlight: CC


Vancouver Pagan Pride Day 2016 is overly excited to showcase the spectacular singer/songwriter, CC!

CC weaves melody and lyrics together to recreate the essence of what music was and is… An inner journey that is different for each and every person who goes on it.

In speaking with CC about her style of music, she explains:

“I use a lot of percussion and stringed instruments such as harp and acoustic guitar; to breathe life into my musical creations. I believe that the heart and soul of a song resides in it’s primal rawness. Simply put, my musical motto is to take it back to the basics. It is then that people truly hear and feel the message.. Which is personal truth.”

Listen to CC live, alongside harpist, rhythm guitar and percussion musicians in the Entertainment Zone from 2:30 – 3:15 p.m. on September 10th for VanPPD 2016.


  1. Us
  2. My Heart, Your Heart
  3. The White Song
  4. Soul and Blood Ties
  5. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover)
  6. Diamond in the Rough
  7. Would You
  8. Angel of the Sea
  9. Ceridwen and Taliesen (Damh the Bard cover)
  10. Transformation

Check out our full schedule of VanPPD 2016 events and make sure not to miss this magical live performance!

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