6 Things We Need From the Pagan Community Before September 10th

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We are bombarded with the message that it’s not worth doing something unless you can do it to the maximum, but there is a lot of power in the little things! This is especially true for not-for-profit organizations.

Many not-for-profit organizations are run entirely by volunteers and the core volunteers (usually a Board of Directors) work long hours for the organization because they have a passion for doing the work or a personal connection to the overall cause. These people are very important to their organizations but they are often overworked, which may lead to the organization struggling to keep their wheels turning.

Volunteer organizers understand that an exceptional amount of their time must be devoted towards the event, but they do not expect the same from their base of volunteers.

Most organizations offer things such as 2-hour shifts or a commitment of a specific bracket of hours per calendar year. Every hour spent from a helpful volunteer is one more hour of time the organizers can commit to tackling to behind the scenes (but crucially important) stuff.

Four volunteers doing a 2 hour shift each is a whole workday of duties completed. These helping hands are invaluable!

So when you see an organization asking for volunteers, remember that all help is valuable and if you are not able to provide what they are asking for, let them know what it is that you have to offer – sure enough, they will need that as well!

All not-for-profits are short on money, resources, and manpower. Give what you can and collectively the community can provide the support that the organization needs.

Six things we need before September 10th:

  • Blankets and pillows
  • Ritual demonstrations (for Ritual Zone)
  • Volunteers to help in the Activities Zone: for facilitating workshops or unstructured play
  • General volunteers for event day
  • Used books
  • Write-ups about different paths in Paganism (from existing GRVD covens/groves/collectives)

if you can provide any of the above needs.

♥ As a community we get this done… one small gesture at a time.

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