Vendor Feature: Raw Magic Chocolate

What’s better than chocolate? RAW, MAGIC CHOCOLATE!
We are so excited to welcome back the delicious Raw Magic Chocolate to VanPPD 2017!

Raw Magic creates a unique line of organic, honey-sweetened, RAW chocolates.  All of Raw Magic’s chocolates are hand crafted in Winlaw, BC, by magicians in our one-of-a-kind “Kitchen-Temple” full of Alchemical prayers. RAW Cacao is not only mineral dense and anti-oxidant rich, it also provides an incredible “Heart-High” due to its complex nutritional composition. All of our chocolate bars also come with a special “Fortune Card”, each with its own art, teaching, mission, or story.  Our chocolate offers a special kind of sacred magic which reaches back into the ages of antiquity. This is our gift to heal the heart of humanity.

Keep an eye out for Raw Magic Chocolate at this years Pagan Pride and take part in the Spirit of Cacao!

Check out their website for more information.

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