Entertainment Zone – VanPPD 2017

Pagans are a creative bunch and plan to showcase such unique, amazing talent here in the Entertainment Zone.

Schedule and descriptions for entertainment planned throughout the day on Saturday, September 9, 2017 are as follows:

11:00 – 12:00 p.m. – Introduction to Middle Eastern Drumming
Presented by Brendan
~ limited number of drums (at least 12) provided for participants

In this session we will introduce you to the different types of drums used in Middle Eastern music, provide an overview of basic Middle Eastern rhythm structure, teach the three basic drum strokes: Doum, Tek and Ka, and practice some basic stroke combinations and simple rhythms.

This is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with Middle Eastern drums, we will have drums on hand for all attendees to use during the session or you may bring your own, we also encourage you to try the different styles of drums.

C J Jackman Zigante

CJ shall perhaps sing a song or two or read poetic prose to the beat of ancient drums, act the merry host, and introduce the merry band of players, let the entertainment then unfold!! 🙂

Haley Jane

Haley will be playing her guitar and singing for us.

Quean of the Green

Music that connects us to the Earth. http://queanofthegreen.com

Natania Mary Creatrix

Sound and rhythm are ancient embodyments of abstract form. I will be utilizing many different sound currents from all parts of the world to bring a journey into the senses. Will also prayer~form a sacred raven headdress belly dance piece.
With some lightly guided meditative imagery into the underworld we will ground and nurture our bodies with Mother Earth.

Medicine Fox

Medicine Fox is Production Artist, Musician and DJ Shane Wilson. Hailing from the Westcoast of Canada, his music draws inspiration from the ancient shamanic rhythms of Earth’s tribal cultures. As a production artist , Medicine Fox began his career as a listener and a supporter in the studio, collaborating on numerous projects, such as Tulku, Air Ananda, Sacred Ground,the Little Wolf Band and Deciduous and released his own material on several different record labels, including NewEarth, Quantum Digits and UMR. As a musician, instruments such as guitar, synths, flutes, and an eclectic variety of percussion shakers and drums find their way into the hands of Medicine Fox.
From years of deep listening and research, Medicine Fox has collected an extensive palette of unique music from all over the world. Sharing these sonic discoveries as a DJ is a passion and a joy for Medicine Fox, who can be seen at regular gatherings in Vancouver and wherever he is called to around the world, with performances in the lush forests of the great northwest at festivals like Intention, Blessed Coast and OneLove to the great outback of Australia at BurningSeed.

John T. (T*A*M) Gordy

Celtic tunes and singalong songs.

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