Vancouver Pagan Pride (VPP) is a not-for-profit organization held in participation with the global Pagan Pride Project.

Through education, activism, charity and community, the project promotes tolerance and understanding between people with different belief systems.

If you are a Pagan, the project can help you find pride and confidence in your path. If you are not a Pagan, the project can help you understand your Pagan friends, coworkers, and family members.

The first Pagan Pride Day was September 19, 1998; Vancouver Pagan Pride had its first event the following year. Vancouver Pagan Pride Day (VanPPD) occurs during late summer/autumn, which symbolizes the responsibilities Pagans hold to their town/city/province in honor of the various Thanksgiving holidays.

Managing Leader

ED Johnston is the local coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project and 2016 welcomes her third year as the Director of Vancouver Pagan Pride (VPP). She oversees VanPPD, and various fundraising events, including our Sabbat Celebrations.

ED also stays active on our social media channels, and contributes to our website blog!

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Volunteers Coordinator

Melissa coordinates our wonderful team of volunteers for VanPPD, and other special fundraising events.  if you would like to volunteer your time!

Digital Media Marketing & Advertising Coordinator

Julie maintains and designs promotional visual elements, including brand identity assets for VPP and for its main event VanPPD. She also manages the digital media strategy, involving website and social media channels, and media relations.

We are looking for volunteers to help Julie. If interested, please

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Workshops, Rituals, & Entertainers Coordinator

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Multi-Generational Programming Coordinator

This position organizes our popular activities table and coordinates various engaging and educational exercises throughout VanPPD and special fundraising events.

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VPP Coordinators act on a volunteer basis.