2016 Sabbats

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Throughout the remaining year (2016), we will be working on the theme of creating community. In doing so, we are setting the foundation for years to come!

All events happen on the Friday before the Sabbat, with the exceptions of holiday long weekends.

*Check back regularly, as the Sabbat descriptions may be updated closer to the celebration date.

April 29 Beltane

Join us as for our first official VPP Sabbat as we work towards creating a sacred space for the community! During this celebration, we give our well wishes to the community.

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June 17 Summer Solstice/Litha

Celebrate the first day of summer with flowers and song!

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July 22 Lammas

It is the first harvest of the season. (Also, the last time we will meet before Vancouver Pagan Pride day at Trout Lake!) Let us gather and raise energies that our community’s harvest (in its many aspects) be plentiful.

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September 16 Autumn Equinox/Mabon

Join us in an evening of gratitude as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox. Everyone is encouraged to bring a token representing what they are thankful for to be placed on the altar. (Items to be returned after ritual.)
If your harvest has been plentiful and that you have had enough food on your table all year, that you bring your favourite, non-perishable food item for the food bank.

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October 28 Samhain

A night of discovery, join us for divination in ritual! We ask that you respect the workings of the evening and not come in Halloween costumes.

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December 16 Winter Solstice/Yule

We have made it through the dreary autumn, but we still have to endure the stressful winter! Join us for a night of merriment, song, celebration, community, and maybe even gifts to lift our spirits.

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